Investment Management

We offer management of your investment accounts, including IRA’s. This service includes investment selections, diversification, and monitoring while being mindful of tax planning. We do not sell any products and do not collect any commissions. We also offer a complimentary review of your portfolio.

Personal Trust Administration

WealthTrust Oklahoma can serve as Trustee or Co-Trustee, either during the trust creator’s lifetime, after their passing or incapacity. Personal Trust Administration can occur through a Revocable Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Special Needs Trust (Supplemental Needs Trust), Charitable Trust or a Life Insurance Trust. This service would also include asset management and bill paying.

Estate Management

We can serve as Administrator or Personal Representative of an Estate for an individual. This service would include marshalling assets, asset management, bill paying, and carrying out distribution provisions.

Complimentary Trust Agreement Review

WealthTrust Oklahoma offers complimentary trust agreement review to help you uncover any difficulties a Trustee may encounter in administering your current trust. This will help you edit any details now to prevent future issues.

WealthTrust Oklahoma would appreciate the opportunity to assist in your investment management needs and overall estate planning process.

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